Sunday, June 9, 2019

Misdiagnosis of Adult Diabetics

I have read so many times about adults being diagnosed with T2D when they are actually have T1D. Here is a quote from a very good article on this topic.

"People with adult-onset Type 1 diabetes/LADA who are misdiagnosed as having Type 2 diabetes are wrongly treated as though they have Type 2 diabetes.  Consistent evidence shows the importance, in terms of clinical outcome, of early initiation of insulin therapy in Type 1/LADA.  Thus, the early clinical recognition of people with adult-onset Type 1 diabetes, as distinct from Type 2 diabetes, is extremely important to guarantee the most suitable treatment in order to preserve beta-cell function, gain optimal metabolic control, and improve long-term outcomes.  A correct diabetes diagnosis is the cornerstone of correct therapy and a wrong diagnosis delays achievement of optimal metabolic control, frustrates patents, and increases the risk of life-changing or fatal complications."

The link for the complete article appears below:

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