Friday, February 22, 2019

My Diabetes Life In One Post

I have previously posted my diabetes story in a long series of chapters. Time consuming to read, and perhaps somewhat boring, too. I am now telling my life story with a single post. A lot of details missing, but I have hit the high points. 
1945-1970...I led a 'normal' life, with no fear. I tested my urine in the morning, took my shot of animal insulin, and I did not have any more insulin or testing until the next morning. I did not have any real problems, and I did not know there were potential complications. Ignorance of the true nature of type 1 diabetes was bliss!
1970-1990...I learned about the possible complications, and saw terribly high numbers on my first meter in the mid 1980's. I was very scared!! I did not know what to do about that. In 1988 I did learn that carbohydrates had something to do with blood sugar, but I did not have the complete explanation. My doctors were not very helpful.
1995-2006...I completed my first 60 years of Type 1, and had no diabetes related complications, except for some neuropathy. That, and my joining my first online support groups, gave me confidence. My fears were gone.
2006-2017...I started using a pump and CGM, and my A1c's were very good, in the 5.4-6.4 range for more than 15 years. My wife has been my beacon for 54 years of marriage. I could not have done it so well without her.
2017-2019...In 2017 my neuropathy spread into my legs. There is numbness, but no actual pain. My balance is affected, and I have fallen down a few times. Physical therapy has helped, but I have to be careful when I am on my feet.
I am not disillusioned by my present condition, not a all. Like someone else said, it is a lot more work, but it is good to know what I am doing, and seeing good results. I do not mind the extra work with the devices we have now. Good diabetes management, and no serious complications after 73 years of type 1 is wonderful!!
There now, this is my life in one single post. What do you think?

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