Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Have You Used A Glucagon Kit?

Have you ever used a glucagon kit to treat a low blood sugar emergency. I admit that I have never owned one, but there were times in the past when I could have used one. I feel that I will not need one now because I am warned about low sugar by my CGM. My CGM, however, is sometimes as much as 20 points higher or lower than my glucose meter. I may fail to get the alarm from my GGM under those circumstances. I think I should have a kit on hand.
Daniele Hargenrader has a video in which she demonstrates the use of a glucagon kit. She uses an expired kit to show the demonstration. Here is the video:
Daniele has an excellent program and I am a subscriber. The email I received today shows the video.
Daniele also mentions Beyond Type 2, a new community support system for people living with Type 2 diabetes! Here is the link to that community:
Daniele is the founder of the Diabetes Dominator Coaching & the Diabetes Empowerment Summit.
She is also the author of two books : "Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator" and "Love, Forgive, Never Give Up!"
Here is the link for one of the books on Amazon. It is a best seller. You can read it for free while on that page.
You might want to subscribe to Daniele's program and receive emails. Look up Daniele Hargenrader on Facebook. 

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