Friday, February 1, 2019

Complications With and Without Today's Tech

Complications With and Without Today's Technology
I was diagnosed in 1945, and for my first 40 years I did not have a glucose meter. I had no idea what my blood sugar level was in those years, and I had to go by my feelings. I used insulin taken from animals for my first 50 years. That caused many problems. There were no basal and bolus insulins then. I had some seizures at night, and many episodes of very dangerous low blood sugar until I started Humalog in 1996. I am very lucky that I did not have serious complications during those early years.
Now I have used a pump for 11 years, and a CGM for 3 years. It was after I started using the pump and CGM that I developed neuropathy in my feet and legs. I have much numbness and poor balance caused by the neuropathy. That makes it seem like the modern technology did not help me, but I know that is not true. After many years with Type 1, complications are more likely to develop, even though these wonderful devices are being used. I know that my glucometer, basal and bolus insulins, insulin pump and CGM are helping me. I might not be alive now if I did not have them.
Many people who were diagnosed in more recent years had modern day technology available when they were diagnosed, or soon after diagnosis. That makes it very likely that they are less likely to have the problems and complications us long timers have had. Take good care of yourselves, and you may never have serious complications. 

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