Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This is a very good article on retinopathy from the GLU website.
I was diagnosed with retinopathy about twelve years ago. I had a few spots in both eyes. My ophthalmologist said that he would have to use laser treatment if it did not improve. The spots were in my path of vision, and laser surgery would cause "holes" to appear in that path. The spots kept disappearing, and then reappearing as I saw the doctor every six months. Then I started using an insulin pump in June, 2007. My control was much more steady, with fewer lows and highs. I was having higher lows and lower highs than before. My A1c's had been in the 5.4-6.0 range for several years, but diabetes complications can occur even when the A1c is good. The roller coaster control with a lot of highs and lows can cause trauma to the body that cause the complications. With my pump, and a more steady control, my retinopathy disappeared, and has not returned. Pumping, and now a CGM, has given me much better diabetes management. I doubt that I will ever have retinopathy again.

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