Monday, July 24, 2017

Powerful Description of Type 1

This is a very well stated post from Slaight Brad. A very powerful description of type 1 diabetes.
Slaight Brad
Diabetes is an autoimmune assassin. A traitorous coward that strikes with a sucker punch, leaving behind a dead or panting organ adrift in a sea of insalubrious self..
Diabetes is years of lancet jabs, eviscerating your fingerprints, disrupting the swirls as if to say “We’re taking everything from you, even the one thing that makes you unique.”
Diabetes is a suspicious stare and judgmental eye from the faces of so many of those we meet.
Diabetes is the sadness of a blue candle, its frenetic flickering flame pays tribute to a life lost
Diabetes is the empowering color blue…as in blue circles, blue Fridays, blue heels, and big blue tests.
Diabetes is the number 300 and the number 40 all within a few hours. It’s pump or be pumped, control or be controlled, inject or die.
Diabetes is a carbapalooza gorge-fest because you’re tired of your life being measured in grams. The protest rages for hours as you devour everything like a ravenous termite in a lumberyard
Diabetes is the useless advice, cured laboratory mice, a dozen meters that are not precise, as you pay the price so corporate execs can live real nice
Diabetes is the endless stories from people who feel the need to tell you about their diabetic uncle who lost a toe, lost a foot, lost a leg
Diabetes is an unknown surgeon in 1920’s Canada who unlocked a miracle and then gave away all his rights to the discovery because sometimes humanity actually does trump greed.
Diabetes is an Einsteinium formula in restaurants and supermarket aisles as you do the mathematical dance called the carb ratio two step
Diabetes is a never ending parade of doctor appointments as you try to distract your fear by thumbing through six month old People magazines.
Diabetes is waking up in the morning knowing you still have diabetes and today is just like yesterday making you feel like an extra in some sort of a real life ground-hog day movie
Diabetes is an online community with people who get you, bloggers who represent, strangers in common who quickly become friends
Diabetes is the boy in back of a classroom, hoping he doesn’t lose one more friend because their clueless parents think he’s contagious
Diabetes is dinner parties with the usual diabetes police interrogation as you reach for a piece of anything. “Yes, I should be eating that. So back the (bleep) off!”
Diabetes is a Type 1 mother; as she prays that the finger sticks and Banting juice she’s known for so long will never be a part of her child’s innocent life
Diabetes is a trail of used test strips that follow you like Hansel and Gretel bread crumbs as you make your way through your own fractured fairy tale
Diabetes is a late night poet vomiting empty angry words in a ketone rage as he waits for the number to come down before he can even think of sleep
Diabetes is every minute of every hour of every day …and never knowing how many of those we have left
Diabetes is….the ultimate suck.
Diabetes is this and so much more…but mostly
Diabetes is…still without a cure!

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