Saturday, June 24, 2017

Participation, Joslin Medalist Study

I will be participating in the Joslin Medalist Study for the second time on June 28. There were 1020 participants in the initial study that ended in 2015. Now a smaller subgroup of those participants are invited to return for follow-up testing. The follow-up visit "will confirm the ongoing presence of the protective factors against diabetic complications and the ability for the body to continue making insulin." Those are the words from Dr. King, head of the Study. My testing in 2009 showed I was not producing any of my own insulin, but many of the medalists are producing a significant amount of insulin. They are insulin dependent, but the amount of insulin they are producing must certainly help explain why they have such good diabetes health after 50+ years of type 1. One interesting fact recently received from another medalist who has completed her follow-up visit is that some participants were not producing insulin during their first visit, but they were producing insulin during their second visit. That is why I will be having a GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) and a C-peptide test for my second visit. If I am still not producing any insulin during my second visit, my good health must have some other explanation. I will get a very thorough examination, with many blood tests, heart exam, eye testing, etc. This is a free testing routine being done at one of the best diabetes centers in the world, and it will last about seven hours. I will receive a report of the results at home several days later.
The picture below is a seasons greetings card. Participants receive those cards each year in December. The picture shows some members of the Joslin Medalist research team. Third and fourth from the right are Drs. George King and Hillary Keenan, who head the study. The other people shown are doctors, researchers and staff members. Maya Khatri, second from the right, will oversee my study participation on Wednesday, June 28.
We are packing for our four hour drive to Boston. We will be meeting some of my Facebook friends while we are there.

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