Sunday, June 11, 2017

Is Type 1 Diabetes Always Autoimmune?

I had always assumed that all T1 diabetics are autoimmune, but is that necessarily true? Have any of you diagnosed with T1 been given the GAD65 test for autoimmunity? I am not aware that I ever had that test, until last year. I asked my endocrinologist to have the test performed. I had that test last year, and I am autoimmune. My diabetes was diagnosed when I was recovering from chickenpox and mumps when I was 6 years old. Those diseases probably caused internal damage to my pancreas. I do not have any relatives who are/were T1, so I feel my T1 is not genetically induced.
Here is the link to the GAD65 test:
I have a Facebook friend with idiopathic diabetes, also known as Type 1b diabetes. "This form of type 1 diabetes is not autoimmune in nature, and tests for islet cell antibodies will come up negative. People with type 1b have an insulin deficiency and can experience ketoacidosis (a high blood sugar emergency), but their need for insulin injections typically waxes and wanes over time." My friend's blog about her type 1b diabetes appears below:

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