Friday, February 24, 2017

My Diet

I know so many type 1 people who eat very healthy, low carb meals. That certainly helps with the control of blood sugar levels, but I do not find that to be necessary. For so many years, starting in 1945 when I was diagnosed, I ate anything I wanted as long as it did not contain sugar. My portions could be as large as I wanted. Not eating sugar was my only limitation. My typical day saw me eat hundreds of carbs, many of which were very fast acting. That was poor diabetes management, but my parents and I did not know any better. My doctors knew very little about diabetes back then. I am very fortunate that my diet back then has not caused any serious complications.
At the present time I eat an average of 150-160 carbs per day, and my A1c's have been in the 5.4-6.4 range for fifteen years. Here is a typical day in my schedule:
8:30 AM....A slice of bread (9 carbs) toasted with sugar free jelly (5), a slice of ham, mixed berries (16), a half cup of coffee (2) carbs
12:00 noon....A medium size baked potato (30), a pork chop, a small amount of gravy (5) carbs
2:00 PM....Before going to the gym for a one hour ice cream cone (chocolate) with sugar...(25)...only a one unit bolus since I was going to get a lot of exercise
5:00 PM....Five corn chips with salsa (13)
7:00 PM....Pastrami sandwich with mayonnaise, slice of cheese, and slice of tomato... the bread has 9 carbs per slice...(20)....cottage cheese (6)....strawberries (10)...half cup of coffee (2) carbs
10:00 PM....My BG was 77 so I needed a small snack....peanut butter and crackers (12)
TOTAL for the day....155 carbs
I never eat anything with sugar (table sugar) unless I am going to get exercise afterwards, or I have a low. I carry a small zip lock bag of jellybeans or skittles with me when I am away from home.
Note: There is really no typical day for my meals, I like a lot of variety so no two days are the same. As long as my diabetes management is stable, I see nothing wrong with that. My A1c is good, and I am not overweight. I like variety in food, TV programs, movies, activities, exercises, and most all things......but not women. My wife is wonderful and I do not need variety there. LOL!!!

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