Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Diabetic Cheiroarthropathy

I read about a new complication today..."diabetic cheiroarthropathy".

"Diabetic stiff hand syndrome, also known as diabetic cheiroarthropathy, is a disorder in which finger movement becomes limited as the hands become waxy and thickened."

I had carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve surgeries more than twenty years ago, but this stiff hand problem is a little different. I am having carpal tunnel trouble again, in both hands. I may need more surgery, soon.

I have seen discussions abut trigger finger problems. It is very common, and a simple surgery corrects that. I have occasional trigger finger problems. It occasionally occurs when I have very low blood sugar, but it is corrected when my blood sugar is corrected.

"A typical technique for diagnosing diabetic stiff hand syndrome is to hold your hands together, both palms touching.
If the skin and joints of each hand cannot touch each other, or if there is a gap between the fingers and palms, then you should consult your doctor."

More discussion of diabetic cheiroarthropathy appears in the link below.


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