Sunday, December 25, 2016

Ashamed Of Our Diabetes Management?

My wife and I are grieving over the loss of our son, but it is time for us to gather strength, and get our lives back on track. I am starting today with the following blog.
I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. My doctors knew very little about diabetes. There were no T1 and T2 titles back then, there were no glucometers, and I did not know another person with diabetes. It was that way for 40 years until I bought my first meter in the mid 1980s, and then I learned that carbohydrates had something to do with diabetes. I joined an online support group called in 2006, and learned so much from other type 1 diabetics. They taught me so many things that none of my doctors had mentioned. I have tried to give back to the diabetes online community (DOC) by letting people with diabetes (PWDs) know that it is indeed possible to have long healthy lives with diabetes. For me, it is 71 years of type 1, without any serious complications.
I have been reading about people who shame us for having problems with our diabetes management. I have my ups and downs, and some minor complications, but my life goes on, without interruption. People who would shame us do not bother me, not at all. I ignore them, and go on with my life. I am pleased to know so many people in the DOC who have so much knowledge about diabetes, and who help each other in many ways. That makes us strong, and we will stay strong no mater what our critics may say!! :)

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