Friday, September 30, 2016

FDA Approves First Closed Loop System

This is an important step in producing a closed loop system for insulin users, but I have some reservations.
The accuracy of the Enlite sensors could prove to be an important issue with this closed loop device. Many users of Medtronic Enlite sensors have found them to be very inaccurate at times. Some users quit using them, and started using the Dexcom CGM system. I found these dissatisfied people in the Tandem T-Slim facebook group. They started using the Tandem pump because it is integrated with the Dexcom CGM, and now they are very pleased with the switch. I have read that some people are having success with the Enlite sensors, but many are having trouble with the accuracy. I would not want to have the 679G monitor my BG and give me insulin, when I actually did not have a high that required any insulin. That could result in terrible hypoglycemia. Even the Dexcom CGM has occasional problems. I am using the Dexcom G4 and I do get false alarms a couple of times most days. I want to make my own decisions, I do not want a device doing that for me.

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