Saturday, June 11, 2016

Type 1, Not Autoimmune?

I have always assumed that all T1 diabetics are autoimmune, but is that necessarily true? Have any of you diagnosed with T1 been given the GAD65 test for autoimmunity? I have not had that test done. My diabetes was diagnosed when I was recovering from chickenpox and mumps when I was 6 years old. Those diseases probably caused internal damage to my pancreas. If physical damage causes a pancreas to stop producing insulin, then why would that necessarily mean autoimmunity is present? I do not have any relatives who are/were T1, so I feel my T1 is not genetically induced. I think it is possible that I am T1, but not autoimmune. Do any of you think this is possible?
I have an endo appointment soon, and I am going to ask for a GAD65 test. I hope she will agree to my having the test.
Here is the link to the GAD65 test:

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  1. Hi Richard,

    Did you ever have the GAD65 tested? I know this was one of the autoantibodies that Maggie tested positive for back in Dec of 2015. Through TrialNet they test for 5 autoantibodies (ICA512, GAD65, MIAA, ICA, and ZNTB) all of these she was positive for before developing Type 1