Saturday, September 19, 2015

Joslin Medalist Study

Joslin Medalist Study
People with 50 or more years of type 1 are given medals by the Joslin Diabetes Center, in Boston. These people have to apply for the medal, and offer some proof of their being type 1 for that length of time. There is also a 75 year medal. I have the 50 year medal, and will be eligible for the 75 year medal in 2020.
In 2005 medalists were invited to participate in a study at the Joslin Center. I participated in 2009. Dr King, head of the study, stated that he hopes to find the factors that have enabled many long term type 1 people to live so long without any serious diabetes related complications. In 2008 the following article appeared in the Diabetes Forecast magazine. It mentions several discoveries that were made during the first three years of the study.
At the present time almost 1000 medalists have been examined. I will give more information about the study, beyond 2008, at a later date.

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