Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life Insurance With Type 1 Diabetes

Life insurance for people with diabetes can be hard to get. Have you had that problem? Being in a group policy, with no physical exam required is a blessing!
In the late 1970s I applied for mortgage insurance. I was required to have a doctor examine me. There were no meters for testing blood sugar back then. He gave me a strip of tape, and told me to to pee on it in the men’s room nearby. The tape turned dark green, indicating high urine sugar. I was turned down for that reason. There was no other physical exam required. That doctor walked outside with me, and we had a conversation. I had been type 1 for 30+ years, and he said I should get my will together. He told me about one of his patients who had been T1 for 20 years, with no complications. Within the following year he developed bad complications and died. The doctor said that could happen to me. I guess he thought he was doing me a favor.
Later on, I went to a Metropolitan Life Insurance building and was accepted after a brief discussion, filling out a form, and giving the name of my doctor. It was so easy! I was amazed at the tremendous difference in the two companies. I realize this was mortgage insurance, and not life insurance, so that may help explain why I was accepted by Met Life.
Now I have been T1 for 69 years, and I do not have any diabetes related complications except some mild nerve damage.
By the way, our mortgage was paid in full in 1995.
Don’t give up after your first attempt!!