Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Child Is Using The World's First Artificial Pancreas?

The world's first artificial pancreas (AP) is being used by a four year old child. That seems premature for someone so young. Actually, this is NOT an AP. I am told that it is the Medtronic 640G, which has a predictive low shutoff. It apparently doesn't do automatic dosing. It is a mistake to call it an AP.


  1. Hi Richard,

    You're absolutely right of course: over here in the UK, there was also some "confusion" in the media, although Medtronic did issue a press release talking about the journey towards a fully automatic AP, which some of the headline writers ignored...

    Although it's "only" Stage 2 of the JDRF journey to an AP, its predictive suspension and more intelligent restarting of basal insulin infusion sold us (see We're currently due to start our T1D daughter on the 640g in a couple of weeks...

    Thanks for posting - enjoying the blog!
    Best wishes,