Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Diabetes and Hearing Loss

My only diabetes complications after 69 years of type 1 are related to mild nerve damage. I have hearing loss caused by nerve damage in both ears, and it has gradually progressed for more than 10 years. The kind of hearing aids that are inserted inside the ears did nothing for me. Now I have been fitted for behind the ear hearing aids, and will start using them in a few weeks. My wife talks very loud and I still need for her to repeat sometimes. I turn up my TV and miss out on a lot of what is said. I should not have waited so long to try these newer hearing aids.
I would like to know if any of my online friends have hearing loss, and do you think it is caused by diabetes? I have a type 1 friend who says that doctors have told him that his hearing loss may be caused by a kind of neuropathy.
I am looking forward to my new hearing aids. They are small and not very noticeable. I think my wife is just as anxious as I am. lol

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