Sunday, July 13, 2014

Repeated Hypoglycemia May Not Cause Brain Damage

Repeated Hypoglycemia May Not Cause Brain Damage
One recent study asserts that ".... the brains of type 1 diabetic
patients who suffer repeated episodes of hypoglycemia actually adapt
in a positive manner. The results of the study, published in the May
2014 issue of the Journal of Diabetes Investigation, … suggest that
the brain can increase its usage of alternative energy sources when
glucose is not sufficient, and this adaptive response can be promoted
by repetitive hypoglycemia."
For many years I have suspected this finding to be true. At the
present time I can have a hypo as low as the 30's gradually sneak up
on me and I do not notice. I have become so accustomed to these lows,
about three or four per month, that I can function very well, and do
not need help with them. If My BG drops faster I can feel them when I
am in the low 70's and have blurred vision. With a slow drop my body
and brain adjusts so well that I do not notice until I am very low. My
endo insists that I am having damage from these lows, but I do not
believe that. I had so many seizures from age six into adulthood, and
my mom, and eventually my wife, had to revive me with great
difficulty. I went on to six years in college and became a math
professor. My brain was not damaged, not at all.