Friday, February 7, 2014

Will Medicare Pay for CGMs?

This is a petition asking President Obama to have Medicare pay for CGMs. Many people of all ages depend on Medicare for health coverage. At the present time Medicare will not cover a CGM except for emergency situations. I am not always able to tell when my blood sugar drops very low, but I may never get to use the Dexcom with the new G4 sensor. I hope there are a lot of signatures on this petition.


  1. Very important issue, and one that certainly needs more attention. Know that Medtronic is very focused on this issue for 2014 and hopefully Dexcom will be putting more focus on it, too. Will do what I can to help spread word about this topic and petition. Thanks for the post, Richard.

  2. Dear Fellow Blogger:

    My name is Sue Berger. As "Sue from Pennsylvania, I have been a regular contributor to Laddie's blog at for the past six months. My husband has Type 1 diabetes with severe hypoglycemia unawareness and was previously covered for his Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) by private insurance. Unfortunately, when he went into the Medicare system at age 65 and needed a new CGM, it was denied because Medicare considers it a “precautionary” device. We appealed Medicare’s decision and quickly moved through the first two levels. We are now in Level 3 and had a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge on June 26, 2013. 8 months later we are still waiting for the Judge’s decision.

    In the meantime, my husband has been without a CGM for over a year. During this time, he's had some pretty close calls. It's only through luck...or God watching over him...that he hasn't harmed himself or someone else.

    Because of the incredible frustration and exhausting fear that we have experienced, I have become an advocate for all people with diabetes who need a CGM or will need a CGM in the future. Representative Carol Shea-Porter [D-NH1] has taken up the cause and introduced a bill into Congress: H.R. 3710: Medicare CGM Coverage Act. This bill provides for coverage of CGMS by Medicare if recommended by a physician. I have been in touch with Shea-Porter's Legal Assistant, Marjory Connolly, and they are currently doing a big push among Shea-Porter’s colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives asking them to sign onto this bill.

    My latest blogpost is Join the Crusade (
    and I hope that you can share this issue with your readers. Please feel free to copy any of the text from this post and be sure to share the instructions on the steps each one of us can take to encourage our Representative to support this bill. In her latest email to me, Ms. Connolly emphasized that now is that time to become involved and that we should not delay in contacting our congressperson.

    I would definitely be available if you would like to get in touch with me and hear more of my story. I can be reached at: I have provided links below that can help you learn more about this issue and provide you with resources to spread the word. If you would like photos or graphics to use in a blogpost, please contact Laddie at:

    In addition to spreading the word through your blog, please consider sharing the link to my recent post with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers:

    This issue is so significant to me and my husband. More importantly, from doing my blog, I have met many people who are in the same situation as we are. It’s their stories that have spurred me on to keep fighting the battle.

    I need your help.

    Thank you.

    Sue Berger

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