Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Do We Eat Too Much Sugar?

How much sugar can we eat and still be healthy?

I totally avoided sugar for my first 60+ years after diagnosis. The one thing my doctors stressed during my early years was to avoid sugar. Then I joined an online diabetes support group in 2006, and things changed. Other people with diabetes were posting about eating sugar and other things I had been avoiding. So I began using candy instead of glucose tabs when I had low blood sugar. I also experimented by eating small amounts of candy or ice cream before exercising. There was not a bad spike, because of the exercise. Working out at a gym or walking at a brisk pace for an hour permitted me to have ice cream with 30 carbs without a bolus, before the exercise began. All those years I could have been enjoying these treats, but thought they would cause me terrible problems. My control is still stable, and my A1c has consistently been in the 5.5-6.4 range, so I cannot see that the extra treats are doing me any harm. I do not plan stopping my routine as long as I eat the sugar in the appropriate amounts, and at appropriate times.

The following article suggests that:"Added sugar should be less than 25% of total calories according to the Institute of Medicine, but less than 10% of total calories according to the World Health Organization. The American Heart Association has even stricter recommendations: less than 100 calories a day (about 5% of total daily calories) for women and 150 calories a day (about 7.5% of total daily calories) for men."

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