Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Type 2 Than Type 1 Insulin Users

There is an estimated 30 million people in the US who have diabetes. (This estimate appeared several years ago, so I'm sure it is a larger number now.) Approximately 10% are type 1, and 90% are type 2. That means there are 3 million people with type 1, and 27 million with type 2. All type 1 diabetics are completely insulin dependent, so that's 3 million insulin users who are type 1.

The following link reveals that more than 40% of type 2 diabetics use insulin. That means there are approximately 10.8 million type 2 diabetics who use insulin in the US. So there are more than 3 times as many type 2 insulin users, when compared to the 3 million type 1 insulin users.

It should be pointed out that type 2 diabetics who use insulin are not usually insulin dependent. Many of them need basal insulin to avoid high fasting numbers, but they do not use bolus insulin. They still produce some of their own insulin and do not require both basal and bolus insulins. There are type 2 diabetics, however, who need both basal and bolus insulin. There are at least two of my online friends who are type 2, and use an insulin pump, as well as a CGM.

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