Saturday, August 3, 2013

Testing Type 1 Children At Night

I recently read posts made by moms of type 1 children. They are upset by a blog that appeared suggesting that moms are spoiling their children by testing them during the night, while they are sleeping.The blog was written by someon on the Diabetes Mine blog site. The quote stated that "“Yes, I think the new D-parenting style has created a generation of ‘spoiled brats.’”

In my opinion it is appropriate, and necessary, to test the children at night. I test myself at 1, and 4 AM as a 73 year old adult. If I don't I see occasional lows or highs then. Failing to catch one of the lows could result in a seizure, and not catching a high might cause keytones. I have not needed assistance with any highs or lows in many years because I test 12-15 times per day, including the nights. The more frequently I test, the more stable my control. My insurance no longer covers a CGM, so testing is very important.

Type 1 children have added complications of growth spurts, hormones, strenuous exercise, and irregular day to day schedules. I do not have those added factors in my situation, so I am more stable, but there are still some unexpected highs and lows. My schedule is very regular while I am retired. I usually eat, exercise, sleep and relax at the same times every day. That kind of consistency helps so much to keep my blood sugar in my desired range, but there are highs and lows that will sometimes occur when my schedule is disrupted. A child's schedule cannot be expected to be so routine like mine, so frequent highs and lows make frequent testing necessary...even at night.. I don't know why the blogger thinks it is unnecessary to test children at night, and that parents are spoiling them by testing then.

I have been T1 for 67 years, diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. There was no meter to check blood sugar for my first 40 years. My mother had to rely on hearing me moaning and thrashing around in bed, across the hall from her bedroom. My hypos and seizures were frequent back then. I admire my parents for taking good care of me, and can only imagine the anxiety and worry they must have had, not having a clue when I was dropping low during the night. I am sure that my mom would have tested me during my sleep if there were meters available back then.

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