Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Upsetting Things People Say About Diabetes

I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6, and there was so little awareness of diabetes then. None of our relatives and friends had heard of it. When I was in my 30's two doctors told me I would not live past my 40's. When I told a few friends what the doctors had said, one of them said that my parents must not have taken good care of me while I was very young. At least they did not blame me, they blamed my parents. Now I am 73, have been type 1 for 67 years, and I have very good diabetes health. My parents took very good care of me. That is why I made it through my childhood.

I did not know about the possible complications that we can face until I was an adult. My parents did not want me to go to college.They thought my diabetes would make it impossible for me to do well enough there, and that I would fail. They refused to pay any part of my college expenses. I got a job and worked my way through college, and graduated with honors. My parents were proud of me. That meant as much to me as my college degree!

Do any of you remember things you were told or that you experienced that were very upsetting?

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