Friday, February 1, 2013

Bad Injuries, Much Stress, But My Diabetes Is Good

Badly Injured, Much Stress, But Diabetes Is Still Good

In Oct, 2012 I had a bad fall, and hurt my head. On Nov 1, I was hospitalized with subdural hematoma (bleeding on the surface of the brain). Surgery removed the old blood and I recovered fast, but that was potentially a dangerous surgery with holes being drilled into my skull. A local anesthetic was used, but I was awake during the procedure. I thought everything was going to be ok, then in early Dec my knees were hurting so much. X-rays showed my knees were in awful shape, and both of them needed to be replaced. The meniscus tissue is gone, and both knees are badly calcified. The pain has bothered me for 7 weeks now. They will not do a knee replacement until the head wound is 100% healed. The knee surgery can interfere with the head wound because a blood thinner is used and that could cause the head wound to bleed again.The last cat scan showed the head wound is 90% healed. The next scan will be in April. Maybe one knee will be done in May? I take pain meds, and I can walk due to a lubricating fluid being injected into my knees. I am getting physical therapy. My knees need to be stronger before the replacements are done.

All of these things have happened since mid Oct, but my diabetes remains under good control. I see so many people post that this kind of thing causes them to be stressed, and then their blood sugar is all over the place, with many highs. That does not happen to me. I have had much stress for about 10 weeks, but my blood sugar has been as stable as it was months ago. My A1c is 6.0.

Why am I able to have good diabetes control despite all that has happened, and all the stress? Is this unusual, do any of you who read this maintain good control under stressful conditions?

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