Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Want To Be A Motivational Speaker

I would love to meet with groups and become a motivational speaker, but I don't know how to get started. After 66 years with type 1, and much experience with online diabetes groups, I have learned so much. I have much to share. I have asked some online people who have spoken to groups, but I have not been given any direction for getting into this kind of thing.

 I want to meet people face to face who have diabetes in their lives, and to meet parents of diabetic children. I think I have something to offer to these people, but how do I set this up? What is the first step? I watched Scott Johnson's recent video, and heard his talk. I met Scott in Oct, 2011, in Minneapolis. I loved his video speech. I want to do what Scott does. Any suggestions?


  1. I think doing that would be so much fun, and I think you would be fantastic at it. I'm not sure how to get started though. But I wish you luck on the journey!!

  2. Thanks Karen! I am scheduled to speak to the local diabetes support group in my home town, in October. An endocrinologist in Massachusettes wants to to do an interview/video with me and then post it online. These steps may possibly get me started as a motivational speaker. I also want to attend the FFL meting next year, if possible. Maybe I could address a group there.