Friday, June 8, 2012

Diabetes Dos & How Tos

My friend, Riva Greenberg, is preparing her third book. She has been type 1 for 40 years and is a wonderful author. Did you read her other books? Her book on diabetes myths is fantastic!! It is called "50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life and the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It". Type her name: Riva Greenberg: in the search bar on and look at her books.

Riva is collecting diabetes stories for her third book, and she needs your help:

"I'm writing my third book - “Diabetes Dos & How Tos" and need your help. I'd like to feature a dozen people with just a line or two about something you do that helps you stay healthy living with diabetes.
The book has a number of Dos (steps) to take care of your diabetes, and several recommended ways (How Tos) how to do that.

There are 4 sections: Food Dos, Medical Dos, Fitness Dos and Attitude Dos and at the end of each section I’d like to feature a "How To" from a few people - what you do to manage one of these aspects.

Can you share in just a sentence or two with some detail what you do:

1. To manage to eat healthy? e.g. "I always bring my own food to the airport because that way I can ensure I'm going to eat something healthy."

2. To take care of your diabetes – it can be anything from how you organize your medicines, to reading up on new advances, to preventing or treating hypoglycemia - anything you do that is at all medical related to caring for your diabetes. e.g. "I keep glucose tabs in all my purses and pockets so if I have a low I'm ready for it"

3. To manage to stay fit, or get exercise? e.g., "I work out at Curves three times a week. Being around other people and the inspiring music keeps me going."

4. To keep your stress under control e.g., "I go to a yoga class in my neighborhood once a week, and twice if I can find the time."

You can answer all or any of the 4 questions above. Can you also let me know:
Your name?
What type of diabetes you have?
How long you have had diabetes?
How old you are?

Thank you so much,


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