Friday, May 18, 2012

What Non Diabetics Should Know

All diabetics have to put up with the widespread ignorance that exists among nondiabetics. We diabetics hear statements like "You got your diabetes because you ate too much sugar"; "If you get fat you are going to be a diabetic"; "You cannot eat that, it has sugar in it";....and there are so many other myths we hear.

My friend, Riva Greenberg wrote a wonderful book called "50 Diabetes Myths that Can Ruin Your Life and the 50 Diabetes Truths that Can Save It". Riva did a wonderful job debunking the 50 myths mentioned in her book.

If every nondiabetic was forced to read Riva's book then the myths would no longer exist. There would be so little ignorance about diabetes.  Would this possibly lead to the population taking diabetes seriously, and would all the newly aquired knowledge lead to a cure? Hmmm, there is one stumbling block here. How do we gen the many millions of non diabetics to read Riva's book?

Any ideas?  Lol!!!


  1. Post some of the myths here. The people who need to read this book probably don't read paper books.

  2. How was easy - offer them money to read it! I am sure every PWD would offer to put money in to pay for that.

  3. Lol, Kelly! Who is going to stand over them to make sure they read it? Any volunteers?