Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Diabetes Hero

This is the last day of the Blogger's Week participation. The topic for today is "Diabetes Hero". I have encountered many heroes during my diabetic life. I could easily choose my mother, who took good care of me from my diagnosis in 1945 until I left home for my first full time job in 1963. There is one other person, however, who has watched over me for almost 48 years. My wife, Anita. She is definitely deserving of being my diabetes hero.

Anita and I were married in May,1964. She knew nothing about diabetes before we met, but she learned so much, so fast. She brought me out of so many hypos and seizures during our marriage. There was no way to test my blood sugar during our first 21 years, so low blood sugar episodes did occur without warning. Anita was a pro, and helped me through so many difficult times. There were no guidelines concerning a proper diet except to avoid sugar. She watched closely and soon realized that certain foods caused high blood sugar, and she began preparing meals that were more appropriate. In 1988 I learned about the effect carbs had on my BG. My daily carb intake was reduced a lot, and only small portions of some foods were allowed. My control improved, and Anita found it easier to cook for me. With basal and bolus insulin in the 1990s, things improved even more. In June, 2007 I started using an insulin pump. Since July of that year I have not needed any assistance with low blood sugar episodes. Anita is very happy with my pumping experience, it is like she is having a long vacation. She does not have to watch me so closely now, but during the night she still has concerns. If I make a noise in my sleep, or am unusually restless, she awakens me and has me test my blood sugar. On some of those occasions my BG was dropping, so I don't argue with her. I test whenever she thinks I should.

I will be forever grateful to Anita for her wonderful care taking. I love Anita so much!! We will celebrate our 48'th anniversary on May 31, this year.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Richard and Anita! You are lucky to have each other.

  2. Happy anniversary Richard & Anita. I am glad you have someone to watch out for you and that was able to pick up on so many things before meters were even discovered.