Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Living With Type 1 For More Than 60 Years

In October, 2008, the Diabetes Forecast magazine interviewed eleven long term diabetics who had lived with type 1 diabetes for 60 years, or more. That month was the 60'th anniversary of the magazine.

I was one of the diabetics chosen for the article, and they sent a professional photographer to my home. It was August and the issue was not going to be released until October, so the photographer told me I would have to look Octoberish. Lol! I wore long sleeves and pants with long legs. It was a day when the temperature was in the 90s F. That was difficult, but I was pleased to be part of this group. 

The gentleman on the cover of the magazine is William Rounds. He was diagnosed in 1923 when he was 11 months old. In 2008 he had been a type 1 diabetic for 85 years. In the side bars below William's story you will find the stories of the other participants. I hope he alive and well. He attended the Joslin Medalists meeting in Boston, in 2009. I was not at the meeting that year. It would have been great to have met him.

The link below shows the article. My story is on the left hand side about half way down.


  1. I actually bought that particular issue when it came out Richard and I remember seeing your Octoberish outfit!

  2. Lol, Kelly. Was there sweat running down my face? It was too hot for the clothes I had to wear that day.