Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fantasy Diabetes Devices

I used a Medtronics CGM for a week in 2008. It was a loaner of a sensor from my endo's office. It did nothing for me, it just kept me awake with false alarms, so I put it in vibrate mode and ignored it. In 2010 my insurance allowed me to use a Dexcom. It was much better, I liked it! Then in October of that year I was informed my group insurance was changing. I lost my coverage and would have to pay for everything myself. I stopped using a CGM. In October, 2011, I went to Minneapolis to meet online friends, and attend their diabetes Expo. One friend let me use his Navigator CGM, made by Abbott. I couldn't believe my eyes. It had a short warmup period, and the accuracy was incredible. I used it three days and the agreement with my FreeStyle meter was amazing. It was so much more accurate than Medtronics or Dexcom. So why is the Navigator no longer sold in the US??? It is sold in Europe, but not here. My fantasy for quite some time has been an accurate CGM. Apparently we cannot buy a Navigator from Europe if we want our insurance to cover it. Medicare will not cover any CGM whatsoever. My fantasy is to see this wonderful CGM sold in the US again. I have a Facebook friend who participated in an artificial pancreas trial in Boston last year. The Navigator was used in detecting the BG numbers that ran the whole trial. They made a good choice.

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  1. I agree Richard, we need an accurate CGM and allow everyone to have access to it.